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FoEME Eco-Building Project Moves Forward; Geodesic Dome Assembled in the Sharhabil bin Hassneh EcoPark

The Completed Geodesic Dome Now Overlooks the Sharhabil bin Hassneh EcoPark

FoEME moved forward this month with the new eco-building project that broke ground in the Sharhabil bin Hassneh EcoPark this past January

The second phase of this project took place two Saturdays in a row, February 13th and 20th, and involved the construction of a geodesic dome. Created from the top down by a series of connected steel struts, assembly of the dome was a laborious but rewarding activity completed with the help of nearly thirty King’s Academy and AIESEC students and representatives.

Geodesic domes, like the one now standing in the EcoPark, help draw attention to ecological building practices by way of their small carbon footprint. Dome structures have a small surface area and are naturally supportive, meaning that no internal supports are necessary (columns, walls, etc). As a result, geodesic domes require significantly fewer materials than a traditional structure. Furthermore, because these structures can be built entirely by human hands, energy costs are limited to the manufacturing and transportation of building materials.

King's Academy and AIESEC Students Assemble A Geodesic Dome in the Sharhabil bin Hassneh EcoPark

Last Saturday, the newly constructed geodesic dome in the Eco Park added onto the first phase of FoEME’s eco-building project. The first phase began in early January and included choosing a location and carving out a space that will eventually be crafted into an amphitheatre for lectures and educational workshops. With the dome completed, FoEME can now move forward with the burgeoning amphitheatre using a technique learned at the Lotan “Eco-Builder Workshop” in December – crafting the amphitheatre out of recycled materials and mud. As the project continues to develop, vines will ultimately cover the exposed frame of the geodesic dome and provide shade for the amphitheatre.

This post was written by FoEME intern Tiffany Tononi. Tiffany is based in FoEME’s Amman office.

Photo credit: Eric Gottesman and Tiffany Tononi



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