Posted by: EcoPeace Middle East | December 31, 2011

FoEME launches a new study about the economic benefits of rehabilitating the Lower Jordan River

This month marked the launch of a new regional study at FoEME  aiming to identify the economic benefits associated with rehabilitating the Lower Jordan River. The study, undertaken cooperatively by leading Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli economists will examine the economic benefits that rehabilitation will provide to the regional economies through increased access, recreational benefits, and ecosystem services. 

Over the next year FoEME consultants will survey hundreds of national residents and international visitors and meet with dozens of high level planners and decision makers to understand the value of a rehabilitated Jordan River by calculating visitor’s willingness to pay, sacrifice or exchange in order to access a clean river using a combination of the travel cost method and the contingency evaluation method.

This study will help FoEME, the public and decision makers envision benefits of a clean river that our grandparent’s generation grew up with. Envision kayaking down aturbulent river like US Navy Lieutenant W.F Lynch did in 1847, or watching fish jump in a healthy stream as the depicted in the 6th century Madaba Mosaic Map!

Through this study FoEME aims:

  • To provide decision makers, donors and regional actors insight and appraisal of opportunities for development that would result from a rehabilitated Lower Jordan River.

  • To identify positive-sum outcomes to responsible river management and rehabilitation of the Lower Jordan River.

Drafts of the study will be presented to various stakeholder forums throughout 2012 and will be published and available to the public via FoEME‘s website in the fall of 2012.

To follow advances in this important new study check back with the Economic Benefits Study page on our website and sign up for FoEME’s monthly environmental peacemaking newsletter.

To learn more click here  for a power point presentation on this study.

The Jordan River Rehabilitation Project  is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, the Global Nature Fund / Ursula Merz Foundation and the Osprey Foundation.

This entry was contributed by Elizabeth Ya’ari, FoEME‘s Jordan River Rehabilitation Project Coordinator.


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