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May 2018 – EcoPeace Middle East Environmental Peacebuilding Newsletter

London Presentation of WEN to Investors

UK FT eventOn April 11th, EcoPeace – in association with Herbert Smith Freehills, the FTWeekend and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) – held an event “Promoting Middle East Water and Energy Security through Investment in a Water-Renewable Energy Exchange for Peace and Stability”.  EcoPeace co-directors presented the results of the Water and Energy Nexus pre-feasibility study conducted by EcoPeace Middle East and KAS, which analyzes the technical, economic and geopolitical aspects of the Water-Energy Nexus proposal. This is an ambitious project between Jordan, Palestine and Israel where energy generated from renewable sources in Jordan will be exchanged for desalinated water from the Israeli and Palestinian Mediterranean coast. The event included a panel discussion on the opportunities and challenges to advance the project that included private sector investors from the region, the World Bank and OPIC, and was moderated by Pilita Clark, award winning journalist of the Financial Times.


The Water & Energy Nexus project is in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Palestinian Territories.

EcoPeace at Israeli-Palestinian Seminar, Rome

EcoPeace International Affairs Manager Giulia Giordano was invited to join the XI giulia romeIsraeli-Palestinian Seminar behind closed doors, held in Rome on April 8-10, 2018. The initiative led by the Italian NGO, ‘Mediterranean Perspectives’ was carried out under the patronage of the Italian Network for the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue (RIDE-APS) and in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The roundtable discussion focused on the environmental challenges faced today in Palestine, with particular emphasis on the water, energy and sanitation crisis occurring in Gaza. The seminar saw the participation of a delegation from Israel and Palestine and international stakeholders. Giulia Giordano presented EcoPeace’s experience in advancing regional water and energy diplomacy to promote regional cooperation.

New UN and World Bank Publication: Pathways for Peace 

pathways_for_peacePathways for Peace: Inclusive Approaches to Preventing Violent Conflict is a joint United Nations and World Bank study that looks at how development processes can better interact with diplomacy and mediation, security and other tools to prevent conflict from becoming violent. It reviews recent literature and thematic papers in order to analyze and highlight the experience of different countries and institutions and the elements that have contributed to peace. The analysis provides clear recommendations to governments and the international community on improvement of approaches to prevention violent conflicts. EcoPeace is delighted to be mentioned in the study. (See highlighted box on page 153).

Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) in the Jordan Valley


EcoPeace Amman office led a full day tour for high level officials from SIDA, Stockholm to the Jordan Valley, to show them the challenges of transboundary management of the regions shared water resources, and how EcoPeace works to bring together stakeholders to promote solutions. The group was fortunate to visit the estuary of the Lower Jordan River that (hardly) flows into the Dead Sea, where this photo was taken, and witness what the consequences of poor joint water management can lead to.


Regional Women’s Empowerment Meeting for Students

Emek Hefer BakaEcoPeace “Good Water Neighbors” project staff organized a weekend in April for Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli students in our Jordan EcoPark, learning together about our shared environment, empowerment of women in society, and the need for the advancement of sustainability and peace.  They went on a tour of the local “Neighbor’s Path” where they learned about local and regional water issues, took part in a clean-up activity, and enjoyed the outdoors together. We are not only hoping that there will be peace – we are building it!

Cross cultural Baka Bharbia – Emek Hefer meeting

Our Good Water Neighbors project brought together Jewish and Arab youth waterStudents camp trustees from Israel’s Emek Hefer and Baka el Garbia communities this month to learn about each other’s water reality and environmental problems. The group underwent a series of ODT (Out Door Training) activities that helped them understand, “hands on”, how we can work together and that we have a great deal in common.  The theme of the day was “More Unites Us than Divides Us”.

Earth Day 2018

Earth day AdamThere is nothing like celebrating Earth Day by going outdoors to experience nature – and to take care of it!  This year, EcoPeace’s water trustees from the Israeli Jordan Valley School’s geography class spent the day on a study tour along sections of the Lower Jordan River, learning about the river’s past glory, it’s present demise, and doing what they can to help on this special day: they brought along garbage bags and cleaned up litter found on the river banks and nearby trails. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise:  “Every Bit Counts”!

Climate March Tel Aviv 2018

EcoPeace staff, together with thousands of activists, schools, artists, businesses,climate march municipalities and organizations, participated in this year’s Climate March in Tel Aviv. All over the world, leaders, scientists, public figures and citizens are outspoken regarding climate change and its impacts.  We were glad for the opportunity to raise our collective and powerful voice on this important global environmental issue.


The Good Water Neighbors project is supported by the Swedish International Development Agency and USAID CMM West Bank / Gaza.



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