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August 2018 – EcoPeace Middle East Environmental Peacebuilding Newsletter

Announcement: Appointment of New Jordanian Director


EcoPeace’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Yana Abu Taleb as the new Jordanian Director of the organization, effective the 1st of August 2018. The board has expressed its gratitude to Munqeth Mehyar for his decades of leadership and is delighted that Mr. Mehyar has accepted the title of President.

Upon her appointment, Ms. Abu Taleb stated: “My commitment to EcoPeace Middle East is due to my deep understanding of the challenges the region faces and the unique role the organization plays in meeting those challenges”.

Mr. Mehyar added “I am proud to pass on the leadership of the Jordanian office to Ms. Abu Taleb who has proven herself as an effective leader through her many years with the organization. I am delighted to move to my new role advising the board and the three directors.”  

Please join us in thanking Munqeth for his years of dedication and wishing Yana all the best in her new role.


EcoPeace will hold the first of its kind Workshop on Middle East Water Security and Environmental Peacebuilding, which will take place from 10 to 15 December in Jordan, with the possibility to continue on a 2 day trip in Israel/Palestine, on 16-17 December. Participation is open to civil society organizations, especially those working in conflict areas, and limited space is also available for individuals from academia, think tanks, development agencies and foundations interested in our unique methodology. Civil society organizations coming from conflict areas may be eligible for financial support. The workshop will create opportunities for an exchange of experiences and capacity building and will allow participants to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and best practices of environmental peacebuilding with a special focus on fostering dialogue and cooperation on the protection, equitable and sustainable use of water and environmental resources.

Apply soon, Space is limited. Visit our website for more information.

The EcoPeace Program on Water Security is supported by the Bosch Foundation

Annual Regional Female Watershed Forum Training

Big JumpJordanian, Israeli, and Palestinian men and women came together for a workshop from July 12-14th at Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark to encourage and support women to continue to take a greater role in decision-making within the water and sanitation sectors. The participants bonded through group discussions about the water problems they faced, including their many similarities. The group was later treated to several “success stories” from Palestinian, Israeli, and Jordanian women who were already taking leadership roles and making a difference in their communities and served as inspirational examples.

Symposium on Regional Cooperation on Reclaimed Water

On July 18th, EcoPeace held an Israeli – Palestinian symposium on the “Centralization vsWater symposium Decentralization of Waste Water Reuse” at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Participants included officials, experts, entrepreneurs and farmers from Israel and Palestine. The focus of the event was to illustrate ways in which Israel and Palestine need to cooperate to solve shared sanitation and water problems.


Dead Sea Site Visit – Ecotourism Workshop, Jordan

Dead Sea workshopThis workshop on ecotourism, held July 19th-21st, assessed avenues for incorporating ecotourism into several industries and offered inspiration and advice for those seeking to enter the field. The workshop began with instructive presentations on the Dead Sea, and then participants got to experience several ongoing operations in the Dead Sea area. Some highlights of the trip included fair-trade artisanal products; a farm-to-table assembly; an organic moringa farm; and a tour of Dana Village, and the story of how the introduction of ecotourism revitalized the entire community. The benefits and challenges unique to ecotourism were discussed at each of the sites.

Farmers Training

In cooperation with MASHAV—Israel International Aid Agency, EcoPeace conducted twoFarmers training farmers’ trainings. In these trainings farmers all across the West Bank came to learn about opportunities they might have on wastewater reuse for irrigation. These trainings were led by instructors from Israel’s extension service and local Arabic-speaking farmers.



Hebron Governorate Meetings

Hebron meetingEcoPeace organized a steering committee meeting for the purpose of coordinating a group of town hall meetings in Hebron governorate and prepared the agenda of the next town hall meeting in Yatta to reach out to all stakeholders. EcoPeace communicated with PWA, EQA, MOA and MOH and shared the draft plan for the upcoming meetings to present the PA point of view.

The Good Water Neighbors (GWN) project is supported by the Swedish International Development Agency and USAID CMM West Bank / Gaza. Activities conducted in Hebron/Negev/Basin are additionally supported by the Government of Canada.

Jericho Governorate

EcoPeace conducted a very successful set of meetings in Jericho. A meeting with theJericho meeting Governor of Jericho and his advisory team discussed the importance of the Jordan Valley Master Plan for Palestine. EcoPeace visited the Jericho Agricultural and Industrial Park (JAIP) and had a very successful meeting with the relevant authority PIEFZA. EcoPeace presented the Jordan Valley Master Plan and the Water Energy Nexus Projects, and PIEFZA showcased the JAIP progress and the next phases.

Round Table Meeting on the 4th of July in Jordan

In cooperation with the South Ghour Governorate and the Alliance of Charitable South Ghor meetingFoundations, EcoPeace Jordan organized a Round Table in South Ghour. The event was attended by the local community representatives and the Secretary General of WAJ and his team. The aim of the meeting was to listen and receive feedback from residents in relation to water issues facing their communities. It was agreed during the meeting that the priority for South Ghour is to plan and implement sanitation solutions. After the meeting, the delegation from WAJ toured the desalination plant of Ghour Safi and the pumping station at Ghour Haditha. The tour concluded by visiting locals at their homes to ensure that they have access to water supply.

Tour to Key Environmental Projects in the Jordan Valley

Jordan Valley projectsOn July 25-26, EcoPeace Jordan office organized a follow-up event to the town hall meeting from earlier this year to visit key environmental developments in the north of Jordan. The tour was attended by 41 mayors, stakeholders and members of government authorities. The tour included a visit to the Al Samra wastewater treatment plant, Akaider dumpsite, Al Husseiniat composting factory, Zai Water Treatment Unit, and paper recycling sites. The tour culminated by signing a call for the creation of a Trust Fund in support of the Jordan Valley Master Plan and the identified priorities.

Decoupling Water Resources in the Middle East

EcoPeace participated in the launch meeting for a research project in partnership with Oxford University and the WANA Institute. This research initiative in the Jordan Valley investigates water use efficiency in agriculture in Israel and Jordan and aims to build on the region’s progress.  

The Jordan River Rehabilitation project is supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida)


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